Monday, January 9, 2017

Chicken Pick of the Week - Cream Crested Legbar

Developed in Britain in the 1930's the Cream Crested Legbar is a medium-sized bird that lays blue eggs. A great breed for hatcheries since they are also "auto-sexing", meaning that the female chicks are easily distinguished from the male chicks by their feather color.

A popular breed in the United Kingdom, they have only been in the U.S. for less than 10 years. They were originally imported from the UK by Greenfire Farms located in Florida.

Less broody than other breeds, the Cream Legbars are active foragers and excellent layers. They average around 260 eggs per year. The Cream "Crested" Legbars stand apart from other Legbar breeds because of the crest the Hen's sport. The feather color of the hens are cream, gray with some possible chestnut coloring and faintly barred throughout. Some salmon color on the front of the neck can also be present.

These beautiful birds would be a great addition to anyone's backyard collection and add some color to your eggs. The Cream Crested Legbars offered by The Hatching House are descendants of the Rees line.

To order the Cream Crested Legbar, go to

The following link is from the recently formed Cream Legbar Club's draft of the SOP on this breed.

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