Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chicken Pick of the Week - German Vorwerks

The German Vorwerk is easily recognizable by it's black head, hackles, tail and buff body. It originated in Hamburg Germany in the early 1900's by Oskar Vorwerk. The Vorwerk was developed to be an all around utility bird for both egg laying and a traditional table bird.

The Vorwerk is a great choice for new chicken owners due to it's cooperative nature, a good starter bird for showing and considered and easy keeper as chickens go.

The Vorwerk hens weigh around 5.5lbs and lay around 160 to 190 cream colored eggs per year.

The Hatching House are proud to offer a pure German Vorwerk, not to be confuse with the similar looking Golden Lakenvelder. We offer both Black and Blue Vorwerks.

If you are interested in ordering the German Vorwerk, go to our website www.TheHatchingHouse.com.

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