Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chicken Pick of the Week - Russian Pavlovskya

The Russian Pavlovskya is one of Russia’s oldest chicken breeds dating back centuries. Thought to be extinct by the late 1800’s, they were raised by residents of the town of Pavlovo, Russia, located about 200 miles East of Moscow.

The Pavlovskya is believed to be the foundation breed for some of the more familiar Polish breeds. The Pavlovskya was brought back from near extinction in the early 1990’s when only one viable Rooster was located. Through selective breeding they were able to re-establish the breed. In 2012 and 2014 Greenfire Farms was able to import the breed to the U.S.

The Pavlovskyas are well adapted to cold climates due to it’s Russian heritage. It has five toes, feathered legs, a crest and a beard. They are a sweet natured and social bird. Considered large fowl, they are not heavy egg layers, laying 2-3 eggs per week. The eggs are white and range in size from medium to large.

The Hatching House is offering the Pavlovskya in a limited supply due to their egg laying limits. Our Rooster “Levi” is direct from Greenfire Farm.

If you are interested in purchasing the Russian Pavlovskya go to our website www.TheHatchingHouse.com/pavlovskja

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